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ahhhh i love this guy.

Chances are

if you make fun of a girl, wether in jest or in ridicule, you’ll probably get shit on by her and her girlfriends. Do not make fun of their cooking, their fashion, their body shape, fitness, or anything else. Especially in public. They might consider the internet public as well. In addition, girls can take things that would not normally seem offensive as a deliberate personal insult. They become embarrassed of their self-image, even in the presence of those who do not perceive self-image as a significant matter. It would seem their peers owe them unconditional respect.

I was kidding when I made fun of your cooking. I did not humiliate you on Facebook. I don’t owe you anything. And I’m not angry at you. Frustrated, actually, that there are people that can be so petty. But in all fairness, I’m just being an inconsiderate douchebag at the end of the day. No, you’re right, I spoke out of line. There. I am sorry, you have my “sincere” apologies. I did not mean to offend you.

Chances are, if I had made fun of a woman , there wouldn’t be any drama to fuck around with in the first place.

hold on lemme take a piss.

We are all humans with our own flaws and imperfections. As friends, we understand, and make light of them. Go take a chill pill. Have a beer. Take a walk, a jog. Do yoga, do weed. Whatever the fuck floats your boat. Oh, I’ve offended you again. Oh well. Just, please, try and have a nice day.



Sorry about earlier. I feel better now. I’m gonna go enjoy a chocolate milk and smile.

Ok im finished with the choco milk. People take things seriously sometimes. I wouldn’t want somebody to speak poorly of something I took to heart either. Like if somebody called me a biter.

I might be a little butthurt at first, and I’d get over it. But perhaps it would be more polite to refrain from butthurting people.


must troubles of the day can be resolved with a simple, “fuck.”

New things…

So my vegetarian diet consists of egg, cereal, pasta, Ragu, yogurt, milk, olive oil, orange juice, garlic, tomato, spinach, strawberry, banana, eggplant…oh and i almost forgot:


Didn’t even know I was the wingman XDlove you to death coz 

Didn’t even know I was the wingman XD

love you to death coz 

I fucking love BBoying. Fucking love it.

omg faces……mind blown….

omg faces……mind blown….

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